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Welcome to BSA’s AI Policy Resource Center, a single point of information for educational resources, news updates, and real-life examples of how AI-enabled tools spread the benefits of digital transformation, and the policies needed to build trust and confidence in AI’s responsible development and deployment.

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AI Developers and Deployers: An Important Distinction

Building trust and confidence in AI through regulation also enables its responsible innovation. Learn why regulations should distinguish between developers and deployers of AI and set different roles and obligations for both.

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Everyday AI

For Consumers
Consumers often encounter and benefit from AI-powered services every day. Learn more about how consumers are using AI systems, many of which provide significant value with little risk. Read more >>

For Businesses
Companies are adopting AI systems to further their digital transformation, and improve the products, services, and experience they offer to consumers. Learn more about how organizations are already using AI in B2B and B2C contexts. Read more >>

Impact Assessments: A Key Part of AI Accountability

Impact assessments are an increasingly important tool already used in other regulation contexts that can promote AI accountability and manages high-risk AI uses. Learn more about how companies developing and deploying AI systems should implement impact assessments, and why that’s important.

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