BSA Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI


BSA’s Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI is a comprehensive set of recommendations for policymakers worldwide to address the most significant artificial intelligence (AI) policy issues and advance the adoption of responsible AI across the economy. AI Policy Solutions builds upon the enterprise software industry’s work to develop constructive ideas to share with governments and institutions around the world to address AI-related issues.

BSA’s Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI Include:

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Encouraging Global Harmonization

  • Pursue interoperability to develop a shared vision of risk-based approaches to AI policy

Implementing Strong Corporate Governance Practices to Mitigate AI Risks

  • Support implementation of risk management programs
  • Require impact assessments for high-risk uses
  • Support robust testing for high-risk AI systems
  • Distinguish between different actors in the AI ecosystem
  • Ensure appropriate policies and information sharing for foundation models

Promoting Innovation and Creativity

  • Support copyright for human creativity assisted by AI
  • Develop voluntary methods for creators to indicate that they do not want their artistic works being used for AI training, akin to do not crawl tools
  • Recognize the sufficiency of existing copyright law to remedy infringement
  • Enact legislation to protect creators’ name, image, and likeness

Protecting Privacy

  • Support strong, comprehensive consumer privacy laws
  • Provide targeted right for individuals to opt out of solely automated decisions that have legal or similarly significant effects on individuals
  • Encourage the development of privacy-enhancing technologies

Facilitating Government Use and Procurement of AI

  • Implement the NIST AI Risk Management Framework
  • Leverage multi-cloud technologies to support government use of AI
  • Invest in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions
  • Enable use of commercial sector AI applications

Promoting Transparency

  • Encourage watermarks or other disclosure methods for AI-generated content
  • Promote the Coalition for Content Authenticity and Provenance open standard
  • Disclose AI interactions with consumers

Advancing Cybersecurity With AI

  • Use AI to assist secure software development
  • Harness AI to improve cybersecurity risk management

Protecting National Security

  • Support narrowly tailored measures to address national security risks
  • Leverage AI to improve critical infrastructure

Promoting Multiple Development Models

  • Ensure AI policies support the development of both open source and proprietary systems

Supporting Sound Data Innovation Policies

  • Facilitate global data flows
  • Enable public use of non-sensitive government datasets

Investing in AI Research and Development

  • Increase investment in research and development
  • Encourage research and development cooperation among different countries

Building the Workforce for an AI Future

  • Improve access and support for STEM education
  • Expand workforce training and alternative pathways