BSA Policy Briefs

Impact Assessments: A Key Part of AI Accountability

Impact assessments are an increasingly important tool already used in other regulation contexts that can promote AI accountability and manages high-risk AI uses. Learn more about how companies developing and deploying AI systems should implement impact assessments, and why that’s important.

April 12, 2023
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AI Developers and Deployers: An Important Distinction

Building trust and confidence in AI through regulation also enables its responsible innovation. Learn why regulations should distinguish between developers and deployers of AI and set different roles and obligations for both.

March 16, 2023
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Confronting Bias: BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI 

Confronting Bias: BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI sets forth a first-of-its-kind framework for AI bias risk management that organizations can use.

June 8, 2021
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US: Crosswalk Between BSA Framework to Build Trust in AI and NIST AI Risk Management Framework

APR 12, 2023
This analysis illustrates the alignment between BSA’s 2021 Framework to Build Trust in AI and NIST’s AI Risk Management Framework.

AI Developers and Deployers: An Important Distinction

MAR 16, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) fuels digital transformation in every sector of the economy.

2023 BSA US Policy Agenda

JAN 18, 2023
BSA’s 2023 policy agenda outlines solutions to enable digital transformation, the process by which organizations harness the capabilities of enterprise software to add new value to their business, employees, customers, and communities.

US: BSA 2022 State Legislative Summaries – Artificial Intelligence

AUG 22, 2022
Tremendous advances in AI are quickly transforming expectations about how the technology may reshape the world. However, the majority of state and local bills focused on a narrow subset of AI use cases involving law enforcement and facial recognition.

Artificial Intelligence in Every Sector

JUN 13, 2022
BSA members help businesses and consumers harness the benefits of AI in every sector, transforming people’s lives in incredible ways.

Enhancing Innovation and Promoting Trust: BSA’s Artificial Intelligence Policy Agenda

MAR 22, 2022
Tremendous advances in AI are quickly transforming expectations about how the technology may reshape the world. But unlocking the full potential of AI requires a dynamic and flexible policy framework that spurs responsible AI innovation.

Unlocking Opportunities: Open Data in the United States

FEB 02, 2022
Open data policies help to ensure that the value of non-sensitive government data is enhanced by getting it into the hands of stakeholders who can do amazing things with it.

France: BSA’s Digital Policy Recommendations for France in 2022

DEC 01, 2021
As France enters a new political cycle, strengthening the country’s digital transformation and deepening its role as a European powerhouse in a globalized world should be among the top priorities of the incoming government.

How Enterprise Software Empowers Businesses in a Data-Driven Economy

JAN 19, 2021
Enterprise software—or business-to-business (B2B) software—enables the operations of other companies. It helps organizations of all sizes and across all industries operate more safely and efficiently, enhance product and service development, and increase opportunities to innovate and grow.

AI for Europe

DEC 17, 2020
BSA’s three recommendations to foster innovation, create opportunities, and enhance growth in Europe through responsible AI.

BSA Policy Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Transition Team

NOV 18, 2020
BSA | The Software Alliance shares a series of primers on top tech policy issues for the Biden-Harris transition team.

BSA Priorities in AI

NOV 18, 2020
BSA calls on the incoming Administration to cultivate a policy environment that encourages innovation while also fostering public trust in AI. To ensure that AI is developed and deployed responsibly, BSA advocates for a policy framework built around the five pillars of responsible AI.

BSA Priorities in Open Data

NOV 18, 2020
BSA calls on the incoming Administration to tap into the opportunities of the 21st-century data economy through policies that enhance access to high-value government data, make it easier for organizations to voluntarily share their data, and promote the development and use of privacy-enhancing technologies.

US: State Open Data Legislation

SEP 23, 2020
COVID has heightened public awareness about the importance of maintaining reliable access to trustworthy state government data. The chart below indicates states with formal open data policies.

BSA Open Data Agenda

JUN 11, 2020
BSA’s Open Data Agenda aims to enhance the collective benefits of data through responsible policies that promote data sharing and foster opportunity, collaboration, and growth.

Web Dashboard: Comparing International Frameworks for the Development of Responsible AI

SEP 25, 2019
The AI Principles Framework Comparison Chart is a tool for measuring the consistency of existing (and future) AI ethics frameworks as measured against ten guiding principles.

Building Confidence & Trust in Artificial Intelligence Systems

MAY 30, 2018
This issue snapshot provides information about both the benefits of AI and how companies can enhance understanding of their AI systems.

Spurring AI Innovation With Sound Data Policy

MAY 30, 2018
This issue snapshot discusses the relationship between sound government data policies and AI innovation.

BSA AI Policy Overview

MAY 30, 2018
BSA has identified five key pillars for facilitating responsible AI innovation.