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BSA’s Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI

Investing in R&D

Investing in Research and Development

Virtually every part of the economy and every career stand to benefit by the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). BSA’s “Policy Solutions for Responsible AI” offers policymakers ideas to further research and development (R&D) into AI and to help prepare the workforce for a future in which virtually every job will involve an increased interaction with AI. Continue reading >>

Industry Voices

Cisco Senior Vice President and Chief Government Strategy Officer Jeff Campbell on AI R&D Investment and the Cultivation of Digital Skills
The future of AI hinges on research and development investment and the cultivation of digital skills. Embracing these imperatives will not only drive innovation and economic growth but also empower individuals and societies to grasp the transformative potential of AI responsibly and inclusively.

Autodesk Senior Vice President of Research Mike Haley on AI and the Future of Work
Advances in AI technology are revolutionizing various sectors, with large models trained on industrial data types now emerging. At Autodesk, we’re dedicated to enhancing the AI tools we offer engineers, architects, filmmakers, and other creative professionals.

Transparency & Trusted Content

Promoting AI Transparency and Trusted Content

Both the public and watchdog groups need trusted tools to discern what is fake and what is real. This is why BSA | The Software Alliance supports policymakers’ efforts to promote the use of disclosure methods for AI-generated content like watermarking, content provenance, and fingerprinting. Ensuring these methods are widely adopted and reliable might not be simple, but should be a priority for governments and businesses alike.

As AI innovation continues, learn what BSA and enterprise software companies are putting forth as solutions for policymakers around the world to build trust, promote AI transparency, and help combat deceptive information. Continue reading >>

Industry Voices

IBM Chief Privacy & Trust Officer Christina Montgomery on Countering Deceptive Content
Deepfakes have quickly become one of the most pressing societal challenges due to their potential to deceive the public and undermine democracy. Regulations that precisely target harmful applications of technology and applying this approach to specific, high-risk application of AI can build firm guardrails that protect the free and fair elections, which are foundational to democracy everywhere.

Adobe Chief Trust Officer and General Counsel on Advancing Trusted Content
We’re moving quickly towards a future where people can expect Content Credentials on digital media everywhere and know instantly whether something they see online is real or fake. It’s going to take all of us working together to ensure AI can realize its promise and potential for good. We’re proud of our work so far, optimistic about the work ahead and heartened to have partners like the BSA as we forge a path forward.

BSA’s Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI

BSA’s Policy Solutions for Building Responsible AI is a comprehensive set of recommendations for policymakers worldwide to address the most significant artificial intelligence (AI) policy issues and advance the adoption of responsible AI across the economy. AI Policy Solutions builds upon the enterprise software industry’s work to develop constructive ideas to share with governments and institutions around the world to address AI-related issues. Read the report >>